James E. Wills

James E. Wills, a retired pharmacist with over forty years of experience, Veteran of the US Naval Air Korean War, and now author of the “Pharmacy Soapbox” book series. He graduated from Ohio Northern University College of Pharmacy. After working the prescription counter for over forty years…and listening to drugstore consumers’ complaints about prescription insurance, drugstore products, the advertising, the labeling, and packaging, created fertile ground for the Pharmacy Soapbox book and many more to follow.

After a lifetime of entertaining customer complaints as their sympathetic pharmacist, Wills has a strong case built for the necessity of an advocate for the health care consumer. “At the present, there is no platform (or soapbox) for the drugstore consumer other than the government, which at times moves at a snail’s pace. There are also many cracks in the system in which many drugstore consumers fall through at times and are not heard.”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, James E. Wills’s books are named for their chief intention: to be a soapbox upon which people can feel safe to air their grievances and actually be heard.

The volumes of these inspiring books are arranged so that prompts for writing are presented with the most current information that is available at the time of printing regarding the topic. The sage pharmacist provides very useful advice while simultaneously gently coaxing the reader to provide their own personal stories regarding the issue.

As Wills states in all his “Pharmacy Soapbox” books, “Buy my book today! Read and Write about it tonight!”

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